четверг, 25 февраля 2010 г.

Ускорение компиляции C/C++ программ: ccache

Да, ожидаемое ускорение до 4-5 раз:

А вот отзывы:

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  1. Hello!
    Good blog fella!

    the another way to speed UP a compilation: create ONE source file with *.cc|*.cpp extension and include ALL of compiled source files into this new one - just like headers include.
    4 example :
    contents of prj_src.cpp file
    #include "dmx_bit_flds.cpp"
    #include "dmx_fsm.cpp"
    #include "dmx_fsm_transition.cpp"
    #include "dmx_fsm_state.cpp"
    Then compile ONLY this one source = prj_src.cpp
    Speeds up to 5-20 times faster.

  2. This work at least in M$ VS 2003,2005.
    IMHO speed up issued from less files disk readings..

  3. Speed up is depends on files qty = more files -> more speed up.


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