Wednesday, 17 February 2010

OpenVZ и 2.6.32

Как и предполагалось, OpenVZ портируется на 2.6.32 ядро, которое объявлено с "расширенной поддержкой".

In the meantime, and this is now fully official, OpenVZ kernel team is working on porting our stuff to Linux kernel 2.6.32. This will take about a month, and we hope to have it working in time to include into next Debian release.

While 2.6.32 is some time away, we keep updating our stable (RHEL5-based) kernel. You can have a sneak preview of newest kernel changelog here. One feature worth noticing is added support for signalfd() syscall which is desperately needed by late versions of udevd and thus all the latest distros (like Fedora 12 and Ubuntu 9.10) which you might want to run in a container.


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